My RPi Projects

I will be adding some of my Raspberry Pi projects to this page

I am not affiliated with them or paid by them, but I purchase many of my Raspberry Pi products from locally (Ottawa, Canada).

Fan control information

Geekworm Smart Fan and Power Expansion Board Setup
Temperature and PWM controlled fan script (Python)
Sample fan script log file
Temperature and PWM controlled fan script. Also reads the I2C Sensor. (Python)
Geekworm Smart Fan and Power Expansion Board.pdf
RPi Wiki: Smart Fan and Power Expansion Board
Sample smart fan Python script (not a very good one) that the manufacturer links to.

Shell script to validate IP address assignment

I was having some issues with IP assignment which turned out to be my WiFi Range Extender, but in the meantime I wrote a simple script.
IP Address validation script

Kernel Version logging script

I keep my system up to date with apt-get (apt-get update & apt-get upgrade) as well as rpi-update but I wanted to keep a record of the kernel and when it updated so I created a simple script.
Kernel version logging script

Rsync to NAS drive

Although this is fairly specific to my setup, this may be a good starting point as an example of a script that creates a backup onto a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. It uses the Raspberry Pi serial number to create a unique path so the same script can be used on more than one Pi.
Rsync backup script

Waveshare LCD Hat

Waveshare 128x128 1.44inch LCD display HAT for Raspberry Pi Great with RetroPie or as a tiny display for time, temp, etc.

Pimoroni Fan SHIM PIM461

Similar to the modules I've used above, but smaller, I picked up a Fan SHIM that I will be writing scripts for and posting more information here.
Fan SHIM Specs
Fan SHIM Assembly and Usage Tutorial

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